Rabu, Ogos 13



My dearest friend, will you never learn
Will you never learn to trust in our friendship
Will you never understand what friendship is
Are you so very untrusting, so withdrawn that you cannot see what is right in front of you
Can you not see that real friends never turn away
Never abandon the other during times of crisis
Never seek to hurt the other, nor give pain at any time
Friends are those that bond together and stay together
The truest of friends share their inner most secrets the good, bad and ugly that others would not understand
A friend will never judge or make the other feel less than what they truly are
A friend wants only what is best for the other
and always forgives life's little mistakes
Never lessening who and what they are
Never trying to change what cannot be changed
A friend treasures all that is given to them in words, thoughts, feelings and expressions of the heart
Only one that cares will listen to your deepest thoughts
only a friend will hold these things to their heart and know that they are special because they are from you
These things and oh so much more are what the truest, purest form of friendship are about
A friend will give strength in your weakest moments
be your rock and strongest ally never waning
A friend will be there for you in this time and space and even into the after world
So dearest friend, treasure what you have never take it for granted, never assume
never be anything but what you are - a friendspecial because you are who you are.

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