Selasa, Mac 10

~how should i care for my baby~

“What helpful baby care tips can I find?” “How do I best take care of my baby?” “Where do I find trustful advice on taking care of newborns?”

When my 1st baby was born, I'm very scared to hold, to make bath, to clear her eye,nose,nail an ears. Most of my job to care of my baby was handle up by my mom, I'm so lowly to handle up my own baby, but for my 2nd baby, allhamdulliah i can handle it by my own, besides my mum help. 'dalam hari' i also can handle it by my self, walaupun i feel giving birth for my 2nd baby lagi sakit..

Like you, I wanted to be confident that I did everything right for my precious one so that she grows up to be a healthy, happy and vibrant child. So I’ll share with you all that I’ve learned, provide you with support, encouragement , helpful tips and much more.

Baby eyes,

the eye of babies, from newborns to 1 month old, may produce frequent discharge. I use a wet, clean, soft cloth to wipe the eyes. Gently wipe the eye moving from the inner too outer corners. A new, clean wipe should be used for each eye.

*the good baby eye will ensure the good sight to her.

Baby ears,

After giving baby a bath, i always ensure i clean her ears with cotton swabs and behind the ears with a soft, wet cloth. My mum and my doctor told never insert cotton swabs into her ears canal, doing so may damage her mucous membranes.

*must hold baby's head securely before u clean her ears..

Baby nose,

Baby's nasal mucous membranes are extremely delicate and fragile. Do not insert cotton swab inside the nose when cleaning the nostrils. I also use nose cleaner when baby sniffles. Warm baby's nose with warm towels when the nostrils are severely blocked.

* must hold baby's head securely

Baby nails,

When my baby was delivered until 2 month old, i wear her 'sarung tangan' because, i'm scared to trimmed her nail, i has done it until her grow up 2 month. Baby's nails grow quickly and should be trimmed once a week. My baby like to scratches her face like garu sane garu sini, so when her nails so panjang, its can cause pain to her and harm. I like to trimmed my babies nails while her is senang to handle it...

*hold a baby's finger securely and round the baby's nail.