Khamis, Mac 12


I have been feeding my gals kak long and che'wawa since 2 month with nestum and soft biscuit like rusky. They really enjoys their food. As a mother, i notice that my gals like to eat something fluid, soft and soupy.

*she eat like very-very da hungry..

About my gal kak long mealtime, in my 1st time to ensure that my little kak long enjoy her food is so difficult, banyak benda aku kena study, how to make her mealtime is no difficult and no constraint. Getting kak long to eat is one thing; making sure she eat right is another responsibility which is easily dealt with. I have to draw on their reserve of patience and creativity to coax my kak long to eat right.

As parents, I'm very happy and completely satisfied when my food habis dimakan, even bersepah satu dining, satu table, never mind..then, now when she grow up to 2 years, she always kacau me at kitchen, kopek bawang, tumbuk2, so kadang2 i get her involve me to help me at kitchen, help me lay the table and prepare the food, use her mainan cookie cutters to cut fun shapes, do not give them the real one...

When kak long eats, i always create stories and bonding. Before this, kak long x suka eats vegy, so terpaksa ler aku create cerita, so now she can telan that sayur walaupun not all type..

When we go to market or Giant etc, kak long always gets to have her "say" in what she would like to eats, kadang2 what her eats at school, she will demand it at nak tak nak, kena ler cari..

Kadang2 my kak long, cant' finished her food, then i treat to her be generous with compliment and prise like "that's a good gals", hands up, who's good gal?...and she will hands up..

Untuk menghabiskan makanan and x nak membazir, aku fill the plates with just enough to atempt my gals, so when she asking more, so baru aku letak..kalau x, nanti habis all the food terabur...

*kalau makan kat kedai, confirm x leh nak layan story mory atau bonding, so just leave her alone...